Sand Gator

Alone in the sand.

Made by someone’s hand.

nothing is real.

A sighting not a big deal.

If the rain should come,

It’s back to where he’s from.






Under My Umbrella

It’s raining today,

All cloudy and grey.

Yeah, found a water tank leak.

Guess it’s passed its peak.

Husband just Called.

Car needs to be hauled.

Seems the transmission went.

I’m feeling a bit spent.

If you wonder what’s wrong?

Or remind me to be strong…

I will… Just let me stop.

And put my brain in the shop.

I will be here under my umbrella.

Waiting for the sun with my fella.

Beading Therapy

As a young person heading out into the world….My thoughts are something like this… (less is more) . On one hand I can count my necessary shoes. Let’s see I have, one black, and one blue pair of dress shoes. I have one pair of old lady black waitress shoes, and one pair of sneakers. My most practical shoe is the boots From who knows when? And, that’s it.


My jewelry is pretty much the same. I have one teal necklace ,a gift. I have one black necklace, another gift. Lastly, I own two chains. Let’s see…one gold. And, the other is silver . No, not the real deal. But, real to me.

Years go by, and there is a drastic change in me. Who am I? My little space fills like I am flooded with so much jewelry.  My younger self  sometimes cringes.  How did this happen? Well, to my husbands dismay… I made a discovery….beading therapy.

For me, jewelry designing has become my beading therapy.  The hours just pass as I sort through the Ray of colors. As my hands, feel the textures. My ears tune in to the  rattling beads. Honestly, there are times when ,it is just as therapeutic ,as writing.   So, what can I do but join the crafting circles. Yes, I am now one of those people sitting at a booth hoping to unload a little inventory, just in time for my next call for beading therapy .


Mackinaw Camping

In in a cabin , in the woods, I stop and do absolutely nothing. …every time I head up north to the UP. I have to say… ” It’s wonderful!” This camp ground  called  :Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping & Lakefront Cabin Rentals is great for people with diverse backgrounds, and budgets. Just off 9730 Highway 23, outside Mackinaw City. This is my home away from home.


The camp ground offers a great scenic location for all type of campers. There are tents, TP’s, small , medium, and larger cabins.  While feeling woodsy, It’s also a walk away from a view of the Great Lake’s.There is a heated pool, a place to golf, and fish, a put-put for the kids, a camp store, and a toured ride on the back of the red truck . This place caters to the country, and city camper as well.


This place has enough to …just …stay put for the week. If, the budget is tight, I recommend going off season. That, usually falls anytime within the first two weeks of June, or the last two weeks of August. But, check it out. Holidays, and weekends can change that.

The cabins have small grills on site. They have microwaves, refrigerators , and most have bathrooms.

So, what is the best plan?

Sometimes, I just grab my book.   Or, Sit with the cool breeze that fills my mind with such serenity. I am warmed by the fires . I am present with these happy times.  The lilacs along the shore fill me with sweet smiles. I walk for miles. Just go with it. This is not the place for too many have to’S.

Life is good. I could stay here…and it would be enough. But, how can I drive all this way and miss out on the wonderful culture of Mackinaw Island? And, so I make time explore Mackinaw ,and other wonderful adventures to be found over the Mackinaw Bridge.

Mackinaw Bridge